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Creating new Ideas together

Innovative thinking calls for an attitude of openness. This is why we call our philosophy ‘open-minded.’ We are open to progress, pioneering ideas and forward-leaning technologies. We are also open to your ideas, suggestions and needs.

We are your partner in the search for innovative solutions in lacquer applications, starting with the very first pigment.

Working hand-in-hand. We have the products, the dedication and the know-how to be your total systems partner.

At Colorine these are not mere words. We take our objectives seriously and make it our mission to satisfy them. Honesty, fairness and collaboration are critical factors in our approach. We can be satisfied with our efforts only once we know that you, the customer, have been proffered proper advice and service throughout the transaction.

Acting together for the best solution. Our mission is to establish and maintain a trustworthy relationship with all our customers, our partners, and employees, suppliers and authorities for a mutually advantageous collaboration – hence the superb quality of our products and services.

Responsible safeguards. We actively contribute to the protection of the environment by offering our customers products and application methods that are as environmentally compatible as possible, as well as appropriate methods of disposal and waste processing. Fortunately, the environmentally responsible solution also tends to be the most economical.

Our Strengths

Exceptional product quality. We know our colours and place the highest value on the precision and correctness of shades: we will not tolerate any discrepancy of tint between liquid paint, powder and spray. Naturally, consistence of quality is also key.

Efficient services. Facts – as well as fl exibility and availability – speak louder than words. All surface-preparation products are in stock at our warehouse, as are liquid paint components and powders. Finished liquid paints are ready within five working days, while custom colours and special qualities are available within two weeks.

Partners and Suppliers

Success through networking excellence. We set very high standards in production quality and service. Customer satisfaction defines the way we think and act. In order to meet our customers’ quality and scheduling requirements, we work through a network of carefully selected partner companies that also deploy state-of-the-art technology and are highly specialised in powder and liquid coating treatments. Our skills and passion for what we do, combined with forward-looking technologies supported by a strong network of partners, enable us to realise even the most radical of ideas.

We move ourself for you no matter where you are in the world.

Technical assistance. Since we are a technically driven company, we believe in having modern infrastructure, equipment and facilities. From computer-aided manufacturing through to a technologically up-to-date working environment incorporating all the latest communication facilities, we use the latest high-tech aids in our quest for continuous improvement of product quality, efficiency and precision.